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Have you ever wondered: "What should I really expect when buying a previously owned vehicle?" That question is probably one of the most frequently thought of things that come to mind when someone decides to purchase a pre-owned vehicle.

We would like to dispel some assumptions and define more clearly what you should expect when buying a pre-owned vehicle. People buy used vehicles because of the tremendous savings over what new vehicles cost. A vehicle that is several years old can often cost half what a new one does! Also, buying a pre-owned car allows one to avoid the depreciation SLIDE of buying a new car often with "new car" warranty still remaining. Warranties can always be purchased second hand if the original warranty has already expired. 

Pre-owned vehicles are not the same as brand new ones in every measure. Even brand new cars can receive a small mark, ding or scrape during the first few days of ownership. Tiny surface scratches can appear from small pebbles, stones, gravel, bugs or foreign objects on even the smallest roadways which can mark finishes and windshields. A vehicle that has a certain number of years or miles on it should be expected to have "reasonable wear and tear" on components, mechanical parts, paint, upholstery and trim. If a vehicle has over 5,000-6,000 miles, you should expect a few small stone chips on paint, bumpers or glass. If it has 50,000 or more miles, you should expect a fair amount of "peppering" from sand and gravel resulting from highway travel. If we are presenting a current year model vehicle with only 2,000 or 3,000 miles, you should expect a vehicle in like new condition, free of any marks, dings or scratches. And likely still having that "new car smell" we all know so well.

Reasonable Wear and Tear should include suspension and mechanical items such as brakes, tires, axles, shocks and seals and gaskets. A vehicle that is nearly new or still under the manufacturer's warranty should be expected to be free of any defects or leaks. If a vehicle is 4 or 5 years old, out of warranty or has around 30,000 miles, one should expect seepage at hoses, seals, gearboxes and gaskets. Seeps are considered a normal part of aging and reasonable wear. Seeps are not the same as leaks.

A leak is where fluid is running down and hitting the floor. Beyond that, your expectations should decrease according to age and mileage.

Pre-buy inspections are always welcome by reputable service centers. We are happy to make recommendations of local, independent area shops (not affiliated with us in any way) to allow you to have the confidence you need when purchasing a used vehicle.

Please keep in mind that an Authorized (Factory Franchised) Dealership will inspect and make the most detailed inspections, but will also be extremely critical and often detail every single thing that it would take to make a vehicle "brand new" again (generally in an effort to run up maintenance and repair costs beyond any reasonable expectation). Their job is to sell service - not always taking into account reasonable wear and age for a given vehicle. The costs that they detail will also often be 2x to 4x what the repairs or maintenance would cost if performed by an excellent outside service facility. 

We work very hard to present the cleanest, freshest and most presentable pre-owned vehicles sold anywhere. Most of our offerings are equal to first line vehicles sold in reputable franchised dealerships across the country. In fact, many of these dealers buy our inventory only to turn around and sell it at much higher prices on their lots. It is important when buying a used vehicle to understand that it is not brand new, but that it has been driven a certain number of miles. Our vehicles will be presented with good tires unless stated otherwise.

Please be reasonable in your expectations. We sell more than 20 pre-owned vehicles monthly to happy people - many of whom will call or write us back with their satisfaction: "exceeded expectations," "better than described," etc. We want to sell you one of our quality vehicles with a clear understanding of what to expect for what you are paying for. We do not sell brand new vehicles, but indisputably we sell some of the very finest pre-owned vehicles anywhere!

Please do not hesitate to call us at 480-266-0030 if you have any questions.

Best Regards,
Gerard Ismailov,
WorldWide Inc.